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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true,
to the last  beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
~ Author Unknown ~
Farewell to Molly E

In life you always seem to remember your "firsts". Molly was our first foster dog. We rescued her from a cage at a local vet clinic where she had lived for almost 6 months. You could not tell which end was which. Off to the groomers we went and when we picked her up, my husband said, "We're keeping her." She was street smart and had wanderlust. Every time we think about Molly, who passed away from old age in 2009, we just smile. We only had our little girl for 5 years, but she was a real joy!

The Ettinger Family
Farewell to Henri
November 12, 2004

Henri was the dog that brought me into Shih Tzu Rescue of MN and helped forge my friendship with STRMN co-founder, Martha K. Henri changed and expanded my life. I was looking for a Shih Tzu and found Henri’s beautiful face on PetFinder. I just knew he was mine. Martha has heard that many times, but still, she called me and interviewed me before I adopted my darling Henri. Little did my husband, Don, or I know that Henri had been previously injured either by his former family or perhaps at birth. He was so lovable and shared his love for us, but right away we saw that unless he came to us on his own, which he often did, his personality changed sharply and he would hurt us unintentionally. Still, he wanted to be with us at the same time. In a short time, he became more and more aggressive and violent towards everyone and we had to make our hardest decision. With Martha’s guidance and much heartbreak and anguish on our side, we finally had to put him down. I do know that he is with the rest of our Shih Tzu’s just waiting for the day when I can see him again and love him to pieces without any fear.

Mary Jo D.
Farewell to Teddy Bear
September 30, 2009

Right after we put Henri down, our hearts were so heavy and again it was our friend, Martha, who suggested we just jump right in and take a look at the 3 Shih Tzu’s that were called the “Big Lake Trio” that she and STRMN volunteer Debbie had picked up earlier that week. Well, it wouldn’t have mattered which one we chose because we just loved Shih Tzu’s, period! We couldn’t resist a little guy by the name of Rags, so we took this spunky boy home to our house with the new name of TeddyBear. He was Don’s favorite of all of the dogs we’ve had and Don still compares each of them to our wonderful TeddyBear. We adopted him at age 2 and by age 7, he was terminally ill and again, we had to make the decision for him not to live in pain. What we will most remember is he was ALWAYS happy and showed it! We’ll never forget our TeddyBear.

Mary Jo D.
Farewell to Molly D
October 14, 2010

We knew very little about Molly when we adopted her, other than she was found as a stray.  She was a very quiet, gentle girl, tentative about coming into the kitchen and never asking for anything - not treats, not food, or water.  She was very obedient, but was reluctant to initiate interaction.  When our vet examined her, it was apparent that she had been abused physically, and obviously emotionally.  But underneath her quiet demeanor was a tremendous spirit.  She had the strength to trust us, love us, and embrace a happy life.  She still asked for nothing, other than to be with us.  She was happiest just being near us and took interest in everything we did.  Her favorite thing was to go to bed with us or just be in our bedroom, and at 8:00 p.m. every night she would dance in front of us, encouraging us to go to bed early.  And how could we resist?  She just wanted us to be together with her.  Even toward the end when she was in pain, Molly was a dignified, genteel lady who felt her job was to please us and be a calm presence in our home - a job she did so well.  We loved her so much, this dog of exceptional beauty, elegance and grace.  Our greatest consolation is that we know she also loved us.

Kathy and Gary D.
Farewell to Cookie
December 2, 2008

Cookie came into our lives on September 27, 2008. She immediately stole our hearts with her huge, black button eyes and sweet disposition. She loved to play, go for walks and cuddle. One of her favorite pastimes was sitting on the back of the couch so she didn't miss anything. We lost Cookie on December 2, 2008 and although we only had her a few months, she will always have a place in our hearts.

Faith and Marlene
Farewell to Honey
Adopted: April 2007
Became an angel: April 2009

I adopted Honey after suffering a great loss and was looking for someone or something to make me feel better. In trots little 7-year-old Honey with her head held high for her home visit with her STRMN foster mom, Patti.  It was love at first sight. My first dog on my own, my first foster dog, my first Shih Tzu. Honey was the sweetest, wisest little soul I've ever met. Her big brown eyes said it all. She was pure love and pure joy. During my business school graduation, after a slideshow depicting our class activities and trips during the past year, the Dean of the Business School quipped (to a crowd of hundreds), "Well, now, you've all met Honey!" She was that memorable. Losing her to bladder cancer almost 2 years to the day from her adoption, I take comfort in the thought that Honey had a job to do. She healed me. I will be forever grateful to Patti and STRMN. And I'm proud to report that I adopted a new baby in March. Sadie is very happy to have inherited her sister Honey's toys and she is a darling little joy.
Farewell to Zoe
December 2009

It is with broken hearts we write to say we lost our Zoe. She had cancer. She was a trooper to the end. There was nothing else we could do for her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. We wish we could have had her longer. She will be in our hearts forever.

Ed and Lei L.
Farewell to Muffin
June 2011

Muffin was a very special gift for me.  After his original owner died, I volunteered to foster him for Shih Tzu Rescue of MN, and he quickly stole my heart and life.  He made me laugh when he would roll over or shake hands for treats, and would get so excited when I came home after work.  He added a light and joy to my life.  After several months struggling with Cushing’s Disease and Glaucoma he began to “tell me” he was not healing or happy anymore.  Although it broke my heart, I had to let my dear friend go on to heaven where he could be free from pain and misery.  He was almost 14 years old, but will always be my “little boy” in my heart.

Marlene R.
Farewell to Mimi
February 1, 2012

To our precious little Mimi ~ we miss you so tremendously... We were so very lucky that you were brought to us by Debbie and Martha, and that we shared three years together.  Everyone loved you, and you loved everyone back.  You brought great healing to a little girl recovering from heart surgery and elderly woman in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.  You stayed by their side, for countless hours.  Our hearts are broken that you had to leave us so soon, but we find comfort in knowing that you will be waiting for us up in heaven above. We will love you forever our sweet, funny, furry little girl...

Mary & Angel.
August 2012

Little Daphne came from a puppy mill in Missouri, where she had little or no medical care. She was to be my first foster dog, but she instantly won my heart. Sweet Daphne had a number of health issues of the years. She was always a little trooper, until the cancer struck. Even then, she held her little head high as we went to the vet to end her suffering. Words can't describe the hole in my heart as I carry on without her. She was an angel, and now she had rejoined the other angels on the rainbow bridge.

She's gone from this world, but her spirit lives forever in my heart.

Remembering Wilson Colbert
September 2012

Wilson crossed over into a pain-free, allergy-free and peaceful eternity on 8/20/12. I adopted him in January 2006 from Rescue where Martha had fostered him. His name at that time was Buster.  Wilson had many medical issues: severe skin allergies, diabetes, and he lost sight in one eye a little more than a year ago.  Wilson was a great addition to our family. His addition helped keep my older Shih Tzu, Sebastian, younger and more vibrant longer.  My Mom loved him, teaching him to high-five.  Once Sebastian passed away, we got Wilson a little brother from MN Shih Tzu Rescue (“Cody”), nearly three years ago now. Cody and I moved from Minnesota to the state of Virginia two weeks ago. Wilson began the trip with us, but it became obvious he was ready to cross over. Now he and my Mom are reunited in heaven!

Remembering many happy years with our little “Wilsonian”,

Mom (Debbie) and brother “Cody”
October 2012

Daisy was a wonderful dog. We adopted her as Pippin, but she was truly a Daisy, and from day 1 she responded to that name.  Her nickname however was Miss Sassy Pants!  She was pint-sized, but her personality was huge!  You could say “she ran the house”-and that was OK by us! 

We had her 4 ½ years before a Liver Shunt Disease was discovered.  After several brave months fighting, Daisy left us in the summer of 2012. It was 4 ½ great years and our Daisy will always be in our hearts.  She was a very special girl and she will never be forgotten.
Ward and Kari Nelson
February 2013

This is our little Angel, she was with us just a little over four years, and we got more love from her than we could have ever given her.

She was the most loving little girl, and we will and, miss her terribly.

She was diagnosed with cancer, and we could not bear to see her suffering, and now she is free of the afflictions of this world, we will never forget her...

John and Norma
Chutney & Lilly
February 2013

In Memory of Lilly
We lost out Precious Lilly on December 18th from congestive heart failure.  We adopted her seven years ago from our group and she has been a constant and faithful companion of ours and of Chutney's (our other older rescue dog). She was over 14 years old the vets thought.  Lilly had been a stray that came to the group from Arkansas, and she was fostered by Debbie.  Lilly attended many events with me especially Barnes and Noble wrapping sessions.  We will miss her sweet presence in our lives. 

In Memory of Chutney

Scott and I had to say good-bye to our best buddy Chutney today, just over two months since we lost Lilly.  Chutney was 14 ½ years old, has been slowly going downhill, and he got progressively sick over this weekend.  The vet thought it was either heart failure or an immune disorder fighting his body and organs.  We adopted Chutney eight years ago from our group and Martha was his foster Mom.  I still remember her coming to the door with her smiling face holding this adorable little Shih Tzu that we immediately fell in love with.  Chutney and his brother were owner turn-ins from a family in Shakopee.  He also attended many STRMN events with me over the years-Lilly was his best buddy, although he seemed to rally a little when Hannah joined the family!  Melanie and her staff at Mission Hospital were very kind and compassionate to us as we said good-bye to our sweet boy.

Scott and Diane
March 2013

In memory of Patches

Our precious Patches passed away on Saturday, March 23rd due to complications with his Liver.  We rescued him July 2011.  Everyone loved Patches - he was friendly to every dog and person he met.   He loved going for car rides (especially to the DQ), playing with his toys for hours, and snuggling in his dog bed.   His little dog sister, Lucy, is also very sad that he is no longer in her life.  His health began to go down-hill at the end of February where he was hospitalized for 4 days.  After being released from the hospital we brought him home to continue the care.  However, his liver was just not functioning properly.  It was incredibly hard to say good-bye to my snuggle buddy, but it was in his best interest.  He’s at peace and pain free which brings us comfort.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful care he received from the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Eden Prairie and the Roger’s Pet Clinic. 

Regards,  Jennifer, Scott and Lucy K.
June 2013

To Misty

It’s been almost four years since we first met.
The joy you brought to me, I’ll never forget.
A bundle of fur both gray and white
You brought me love and were such a delight.
I looked in your eyes so big and brown
The love that I felt, I thought I would drown.
I had dogs before, but none were like you
A beagle, a black lab, but ne’er  a Shih tzu.
You and I got along right from the start
And from the beginning you were part of my heart.
Too soon you have left me, it hurts oh so bad.
But thinking about you, it makes me so glad
That we had these four years with one another
I would never have traded them for any other
Dear Sweet little Misty, I loved you so much
Still can’t believe I can no longer touch
Or hold you close and kiss your head
And tell you I love you But now instead,
My tears they come and my tears they go
But in my heart I truly know
The love we had for one another
Will never be like any other.
December 18, 2006 - July 30, 2013

As I write this, I still can’t believe our “good boy” Max is gone.  Max’s very short life of 6 ½ years found him with our family when he was 1 1/2 from Shih Rescue of Minnesota.  When the rescue allowed us to adopt Max, they didn’t realize the life changer he would be for all of us, but especially for our other dog Annie (a 6 year old, repeatedly bred puppy mill  dog who was too scared to embrace love).  Max’s willingness to love all showed Annie it wasn’t so bad to sit on Daddy’s legs every night on the couch, or hang out with Mom each day in her work from home office.

The minute anyone met Max, they immediately thought that he really liked them.  The only thing they didn’t realize was is that they were not special, it was Max who was special, with his love for all.  Always happy, always ready to make you smile, and always ready for a treat - especially his favorite treat, hot dogs - that was Max.

In October, 2012 when Max wasn’t himself - no energy, sleeping all the time - his vet noticed his kidney BUN counts were high.  When treated with antiobiotics, it seemed to go away.  Unfortunately about two weeks before he passed away, he slowed down again.  This time the kidney disease had taken control. Within a week of being officially diagnosed with kidney disease,  Max passed away at home - with his Daddy, Momma, and best friend Annie, by his side.  We can only hope that Max is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge when we come to join him one day.

Dusty Mae

8/15/1998 - 9/16/2013

Dusty Mae spent the first seven years of her life in an Oklahoma puppy mill.  But that didn’t stop her.  After years of abuse, malnutrition and each day wondering what was going to happen to her she came into rescue holding her head up high.   She was on her way to becoming the princess she was always meant to be.  Dusty was an outstanding little girl who gave me eight glorious years of love - she had a mind of her own and I wasn’t going to change it when she wanted something.  I would call her and say “’Dusty, come to Momma” and she would put her head up in the air and walk away (I smile now as I think of her doing this).   And of course she had a hearing problem, it was called “selective”.  Each night she would wait for her treat, but I would have to bring out 3 or 4 kinds till she found the one that suited her.   Dusty was everything that anyone could ever want in a devoted friend, she never did anything wrong, she was my little DIVA.  Dusty fought kidney disease for many months, never once giving up the fight but in the end her kidneys gave out.  The day she died she sat on my bed doing of all things, cleaning her paws.  She is sadly missed more than I can comprehend and will be forever in my heart. 

- Donna
2004 thru 2014
September 2014

When I brought you into my life I thought I was saving you. Little did I know that you would save me from myself most most days. I have been so blessed to have your little spirit be a part of my life for the last 6 years. People laugh when I say that you have been my longest, most committed, least complicated relationship;however, it is true. You became in immediate member of the family.  Everyone fell in love with you.

You were my steadfast grounding force with an overflow of unconditional love. You were my trusted little shadow. May your gentle spirit be with me always. I am going to miss your sweet little fur face and that unwavering devotion. Be at peace my sweet, sweet little boy. I love you, Winston

May 2014

We lost our beloved Banjo to congestive heart failure in May 2014.  This little charmer was rescued along with his nephew, Izzy, after their owner died. Martha told us they were a package deal and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Banjo liked nothing better than to relax on our porch swing  during the summer.  He’d fall asleep and snooze and life was good. Even though he lost his eye sight 3 years ago, every morning he would wake up raring to go, happy and in search of his favorite carrot toy.

He will be missed, but we are so grateful to have had him in our lives.

Jane and Gregg
April 2014

Max was a very special gentle “giant”.  His heart was as big as the outdoors-a place he loved to be wandering in. 

Found as a stray dog in a highway ditch, he came into rescue, and soon there after, in to a wonderful, happy new life!
Jean, his Mom and owner, loved him, and treated him with great respect and in a spirit very much like Max’ own spirit.
Max adored her, his home, and yard-which included a lake and lots of woods to explore with Jean. 

He could often be found sitting on Jean’s lap while she watched TV, but if anyone came for a visit he would jump off, run to get one of his toys, and dash to the door to welcome you…tail wagging fast and furious!

Max always felt that any person was someone who would, of course, want to meet him, so when he saw someone approaching him while on a walk, he would stop and wait anxiously for them to come and talk to him and give him a pat or two.  Everyone loved Max!

He was a great representative for Shih Tzu Rescue of MN, and came to several Pet Expos as our ambassador and greeter! 

Early in 2014 Max was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and lived a very short time after that. 

Today he is wandering the streets of heaven, greeting, visiting, and looking for lost toys!

Many hearts have felt his loss, but he made them much richer from his 12-14 years on earth-8 of them with Jean, his loyal Mom and best friend.
March 2014

Willie’s life had lots of ups and downs, but ended in pure happiness and peace.  He was removed from an abusive home along with 26 other Shih Tzu.  No one wanted to adopt this little boy from Animal Control, so our rescue took him in.  He had been so abused that his spine was curved making his hips and shoulders disfigured and out of place; he was a fear biter, had seizures and other medical issues, and had never been house trained.  On top of that, he was about 11 years old.  His foster Mom thought she would have him the rest of his life knowing he would be hard to place.   Even though she had to carry him to a telephone pole a block away every few hours so he would go potty (this was the only place he would go!), he became very special to her.  A miracle occurred when after only 3 months, Julie and Cory applied to adopt Willie!  They wanted to adopt a dog no one else would take:  an older dog that was special needs!  Both of them had hearts as big as the sky, and love that they poured out for this little 7# guy.  He was spoiled and cared for for like he never been able to experience before.  He had dozens of little “babies” that he would carry around and hoard in his dog bed.  He learned to love lying with Mom and Dad on the couch and in bed, and surprisingly enjoying walking about with his odd gait in the sunshine and grass.   Sadly he lived only 4 ½ years more, but he died in peace having learned what love really was all about.  Thank you, Julie and Cory for making him a part of your family-YOU are just a special as Willie was!