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UDogU Harnesses & Leashes
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The Easy-On Harness -- finally !!! -- a dog harness that
goes on in seconds and protects your small dog's trachea.

We call our harness the "Easy On" Dog Harness because there are two simple steps to putting it on.
First, over the head. Then fasten the side-release buckle. That's it!
Slip the Harness
over your dog's head.
Fasten the side-release buckle
behind the front legs.
The harness is adjusted correctly if you can slide your finger easily between the adjustable harness strap and your dog's body. To remove the harness, simply unfasten the buckle and slip it back over the head.

One of the reasons our harnesses are so easy to use is because you have only one adjustment to make -- the strap that goes around your dog's ribcage. The other straps on the harness are sized, incrementally, to fit Teacup to Medium size dogs, according to the harness sizing chart.

Our harnesses (and collars) are not intended for use on dogs attached to a "dog run". All dogs, when sufficiently stimulated, will run to the end of their attachment generating a sudden shock which, all too often, results in unfortunate consequences. Our harnesses are intended to be used for walking your dog. Many of our customers leave the harness on their dog most of the time. Others leave it hanging by the door, with the leash attached, so that it will be convenient for them when the dog is ready to go out.

Measuring your dog's ribcage is the most important part in choosing the correct harness size for your dog. If you have selected the right size, you and your dog will love how easy it is to use. Our Easy On Harness is handmade using a tough webbing (1/2", 3/4", or 1" wide depending upon harness size) and is covered with one of our "high fashion" fabrics. A welded wire D-ring is provided for attaching a leash (matching leash available separately). A metal slide provides for adjustability, and a strong plastic side-release buckle secures the harness around the ribcage. Be sure to listen for the "click" when fastening the buckle. As with all our "high fashion" products, the Harness is machine washable and should be line dried.
STRMN strongly endorses the use of a harness when walking your dogs.  The trachea of a Shih Tzu is very fragile and can fracture easily from any pulling.  UDogU has supplied our rescue with harnesses for years, and although our rescue does sell these at our Reunion each year, we have now entered into a partnership with UDogU allowing you to go online to their website, order anything at a 15% discount, with 5% of the sales returning to STRMN as a donation from UDogU!

Besides harnesses, they also sell leashes, ruffle harnesses, visors, and other small dog accessories.
Happy shopping!


This code must be typed in just as you see it on the order form at the website:  all caps followed by the number 15.

This coupon will give you a 15% discount of all items, except those on the Close Out page and those items that are on Special.

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